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Pon's River Guest House










Welcome to Khong Island, Pons Arena Hotel & Resort

Pon Arena Hotel is a brand new hotel in Don Khong Island. Mr. Pon, owner, has put personal attention and detail to the room decorations for a more modern feeling.

Pon Arena Hotel is new addition to Pon's Guest House on Don Khong Island. The hotel is located on the riverfront. This very stylish, featuring beautiful contemporary rooms. Guests are welcome to the great range of facilities to ensure a comfortable stay. With a waterfront restaurant, all guests can enjoy this prime scenic location

The hotel is convenient to restaurants, Internet, bicycle rental services, and more. This ideal location, overlooking the Mekong River is a great start to exploring the island. The rooms are beautifully designed and modern with simple decorations and a comfortable bed and bathroom.





Welcome to Pon's River Guest House

Pon's River Guest House is a well known in Khong Island. The reputable owner, Mr. Pon will be your personal greeter at the door. The guesthouse is fully euqipped with wide range of facilities and services. The rooms are spacious with cable television, private hot water bathrooms, and air conditioning. The guest house building has a large common balcony on the second level which guests can relax enjoy the atmosphere of Don Khong.